Brainstorming Rules

Go for Quantity.
Set an outrageous goal—then surpass it. The best way to nd one good idea is to come up with lots of ideas.

Defer Judgement.
There are no bad ideas in a brainstorm. There will be plenty of time to narrow the ideas later.

Encourage Wild Ideas.
Even if an idea doesn’t seem realistic, it may spark a great idea for someone else.

Build on the Ideas of Others.
When you hear an idea from a teammate, think “and...” rather than “but...” in order to be as generative and open as possible.

Stay Focused on Topic.
To get more out of your session, keep your brainstorm “How Might We” question in sight.

One Conversation at a Time.
All ideas should be heard, so only one person should talk at a time. Wait your turn to share and make sure the whole group is listening.

Be Visual.
Draw your ideas, as opposed to just writing them down. Stick gures and simple sketches can say more than many words.