Build empathy

Because you strive to understand the meaning.

Emapthy is an experience of understanding another person's condition to solve problems from their perspectives. It is the ability to understand the needs and feelings of other people with wonder and curiosity. You really listen. You lose your agenda and hook up your mind with the scene.

When you avoid it

You miss valueable insights about deepl beliefs that people hold because you judge their actions, circumstances and decisions.

You don’t grow because you stopped learning. Because your ego and your stereotypes are in charge you stop questioning everything.

When you follow it

Engaging with people directly reveals facts about the way they think and the values they hold. You will get surprised by the unanticipated insights that are revealed. Understanding what people need is your road to the solution. As an effect your grow friendly relations with the people you engage. Your users, your teammates and other actors are united by the meaningfull impact you want to achive.