Make sense from what you’ve learned, in order to create meaning. Focus on human, cultural and social instead of technological and business forces.


Share Inspiring Stories & Learnings

Share stories as soon as possible after your field research. While one group is sharing what they have learnt, others are taking notes on Post-its. Capture personal details, interesting stories, motivations, barriers, interactions and remaining questions on a separate section on the wall for each person that your team interviewed. Make your thoughts visual by putting on the wall pictures of people, places and other artifacts.


Cluster Into Themes

Each person should choose the five Post-its (gems) that you find most interesting or most insightful. Put them in a new blank area with lots of emtpy space around them.

Organize your gems into similar clusters. Create a minimum of three and a maximum of five clusters. For each of the clusters that you've created, create headlines, such as "hygiene" or "payment".

Don’t design for everyone. Focus on a limited number of users and insights. Use decision frameworks or team voting to prioritize.


Define Personas

Persona is a way to put a peronal human face on otherwise abstract data about users. Give your persona a name, picture and describe her common behaviors and attitudes.


Create Insight Statements

______ (persona) needs a way to ___________(need) because she values __________ (insight).


Create “How Might We” Questions

Turn existing Insight Statements into opportunities as an invitation for input, suggestions, and exploration.

Pay attention to properly scoping your “How Might We” questions.

Too narrow
HMW create a cone to eat ice cream without dripping?

Too broad
HMW redesign dessert?

Just right
HMW redesign ice cream to be more portable?


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Share Inspiring Stories
Top Five
Find Themes
Create Insight Statements
Explore Your Hunch
How Might We
Create Frameworks