Embrace ambiguity

Because you explore to discover the unexpected.

Embracing ambiguity means exploring a lots of possible questions and answers to arrive at unexpected solutions. You give yourself the permission not to know the answer at the beginning. Re-framing the problem is central to the process which you trust to guide you to fantastically creative solutions.

When you avoid it

Your are stucked on your initial ideas unable to come with anything new.

Because you fear the failure, you tend to define the solution at the very beginning.

Although you want to achive creative results, you always end by betting on safe solutions that have always worked.

You look to your competitors and copy what they are doing because you find it safe.

When you follow it

You feel comfortable in exploring not directly relevant directions.

You pursue an answer you initially could not even imagine, which puts you on the path to problem solving.

You come with new innovative ideas.