Learn from failure

Because failure sucks, but instructs.

It helps to think about failing better as designing experiments through which you are going to learn. Through that process you learn something unexpected. Failure is an inherent part of the process because you’ll just never get it right on our first try. In fact, getting it right on the first try isn’t the point at all. The point is to put something out into the world and then use it to keep learning, keep asking, and keep testing.

When you avoid it

When you avoid failing throughout the process you will probably end having a big failure at the end.

If you don’t do experiments and prototypes early it will get a little more expensive at the end to discover that your solution doesn’t meet what people really want.

If you are afraid to fail you cannot experiment. If you cannot experiment you can’t discover something unexpected.

You end up feeling guilty for not succeding. You may also start blaming others. You feel heart. Eventualy you consider leaving your job here. Or you are stuck.

When you follow it

When you grow a mindset to welcome every negative feedback you start to learn and grow. You know that the more mistakes you make the better your solution. When you fail fast and cheap at the beginning you got a better chance to come with an impactful solution at the end.

Because when you get it right, it’s because you got it wrong first.