Get feedback from people you’re designing for to keep your ideas developing. Sharing prototypes early in the design process helps you see what really matters to people and which aspects need improvement.


Define what and where to test

Create a list of goals of your research. Arrange for a conversation if you are interested in a first impression. Set up an activity or service as if it were real if you want to observe peoples’ actual behaviors. Decide what context you want to share your idea in to learn the most.


Test Your Prototype & Get Feedback

Take notes of both the positive and negative comments from people as you test your prototype. What did participants value the most? What did not work? Which parts would participants like to improve? What needs further investigation? What were their ideas for improvement?

Review Testing Rules


Integrate Feedback & Iterate

Start by sharing the impressions you captured right after your feedback conversations. Sort and cluster the feedback: What was positively received? What concerns came up? What suggestions did you find?

As a team, decide which feedback you want to respond to.

Incorporate the feedback into your concept. Make changes where people saw barriers. Emphasize what was well received. Then, create a new prototype that you can share.

Iterate quickly and repeatedly to improve your concept.


Get Feedback
Integrate Feedback and Iterate